Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s In My Wardrobe Box?

Each box contains at lease 5 pieces:  4 items of clothing plus an accessory that correspond with the Style Profile you created. We offer professional, casual, and dressy items to refresh your wardrobe. 

When Does My Box Ship?

Boxes are shipped every 3 months from the date your subscription starts so what you are receiving can be worn in the right season.  For example, if you order your first Box in May and receive our Summer Box, your subscription will renew in August and you will receive our Fall Box. 

  • Summer Box - May-July
  • Fall Box - August-October
  • Winter Box - November-January
  • Spring Box - February-April

Orders ship within two weeks of purchase or renewal.

Can I Return or Exchange Things?  

Because we are resale, we do not accept returns or exchanges. If you don’t love something in your Box, we ask that you let us know so we can add something to your next Box. And then pay it forward by donating to someone in your community.  

Does The Wardrobe Box Come in My Size?

The Wardrobe has clothing for all sizes and gender preferences from extra small petites to tall and curvy.  When you fill out your Style Profile, you can provide comments on your size to ensure we select items that will give you the right fit.  We welcome your feedback so that we can ensure we are sending you the right items.

What Does "Preloved" Mean?  

The Wardrobe is a nonprofit social enterprise with resale stores in the Philadelphia region.  Our inventory comes from both retail and individual donations. While every item is donated to us, many have never been worn or are like new, and these are the items we use to fill your Wardrobe Box.  We strive to offer only the best quality items, but do suggest that when buying resale you launder them before wearing.

Why Do I have to Choose Menswear or Womenswear?

We strive to be inclusive at The Wardrobe and understand that clothing inherently doesn't have a gender. Select the style that most closely matches your preferences and use the "Additional Information" section of the Style Profile to let us know if you're open to receiving womenswear and menswear.

What's the Difference Between an Annual and Quarterly Subscription?

With our Quarterly Subscription plan, you pay $70 each quarter ($65 subscription + $5 shipping).  Your card will be billed each quarter after you sign up. With our Annual Subscription Plan, you pay for the entire year at once: $220 for 4 Boxes @ $55 each with free shipping.  You can cancel at the end of any subscription period, either quarterly or annually, before it renews.

Why Don’t You Ship to Me?

At this time, we are only shipping to the United States, but hope to add more countries in the future.  Please sign up for our mailing list to receive news and updates. 

Every Wardrobe Box subscription has a social and environmental impact!  Your Box will be filled with pre-loved clothing & accessories. Every subscription sends a free Wardrobe Box to help someone get outfitted for work. 

The Wardrobe Box is a seasonal subscription box of high quality secondhand clothing and accessories for men and women. Purchases support the nonprofit Career Wardrobe (dba The Wardrobe), using clothing to support and inspire change in the Philadelphia Region. Learn more at