The Mission 

The Wardrobe Box is powered by The Wardrobe, a nonprofit social enterprise based in Philadelphia, PA working to end clothing insecurity. Like food and housing insecurity, someone is clothing insecure when they don't have anything to wear or when they don't have the right thing to wear. 

Each year we process more than $2M worth of donated clothing to outfit people for life and work. Clothing combined with personalized support helps people look and feel their best to move forward in their lives. Since our founding in 1995 over 100,000 individuals have been referred for our services.


In spring of 2020 we created The Wardrobe Box client program in response to the pandemic. The Wardrobe continued to outfit anyone in need through virtual appointments and mailing clothes. We dressed indivuals for Zoom interviews, essential jobs, and emergency housing. The Wardrobe Box is now a permanent part of our services to help us reach anyone who is unable to attend an in-person appointment due to health, childcare, or transportation, and it helps us to combat clothing insecurity beyond our region.  

By fall of 2020 we launched The Wardrobe Box for customers. This intative helps us to utilize more of the clothing donations we receieve and the money raised helps us to keep our services free for those in need. Every Wardrobe Box sold provides a free appointment to one of our clients. 

Fashion for All

Inclusivity is at the heart of The Wardrobe's mission. Our goal is to meet the need for every client and for every customer. That is why boxes are available in every style, for all genders, and in sizes XS-4XL. 

Wardrobe Box customers range from Hawaii to Vermont, sporty to professional, teenagers to octogenarians, preppy to grunge, and across the gender spectrum. Our stylists are happy to work with you to accommodate any requests you may have. 


The Wardrobe believes that everyone - and everything - deserves a second chance. Through client appointments, in-store shopping, and The Wardrobe Box, we keep thousands of pounds of clothing from landfills each year.  Any items deemed unsitable for resale are repurposed through Helpsy, our inventory processing partner. 

We promote sustainability throughout our program with eco-friendly packaging. The boxes are 100% recylcable. The tissue paper and stickers are recylcable and compostable. 

In the News

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The Wardrobe Box is powered by The Wardrobe, a nonprofit social enterprise based in Philadelphia that has outfitted more than 100,000 people for work and life. For each Wardrobe Box sold, someone in need with receive a free box with the clothing they need to move forward in life. To learn more about the organization, visit