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Our stylists use your answers to the Style Profile to curate the right box for you. Please provide as much as detail as possible. If you're placing a gift order and would like the recipient to take the survey, please note that on the first question and we'll contact them directly.

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When is your birthday?

We'll include a bonus item as a gift in the corresponding season.

What styles of clothing would you like to receive?

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What types of clothing are you open to receiving in your box?

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What types of accessories are you open to receiving?

How do you like your clothing to fit?

Neck Size: Used for measuring shirts

Waist Size: Used to select pants

Please provide us with your waist and inseam measurements. If you're unsure of your exact measurement, you can tell us your letter size from XS-4XL.

Chest Size: Used for measuring blazers

Please provide us with your chest measurement and blazer length (i.e. short, regular, or long). If you're unsure of your exact measurement, you can tell us your letter size from XS-4XL.

How tall are you?

OPTIONAL - Measurements can help us ensure a good fit with siing inconsistencies between brands.

Common measurements include: shoulders, arm length, leg width (in inches)

Color Preferences

Select the colors and patterns that most appeal to you when selecting clothing.

Which brands and stores do you love?

Knowing your go-to brands (and the size you wear there) helps us better understand your style and fit preferences, plus we can try to add your favorites to your order!

Additional Style Preferences

What should we know that the Style Profile hasn't already covered - favorite patterns, colors you hate, shapes you love, allergies, etc. Or share your "Style Icons": Cary Grant, Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, David Beckham, Lil Nas X

OPTIONAL: Let us see your style!

Seeing you can help us make better selections for your orders. You can share social media accounts, blogs, articles, etc (if you share a private account we may request to follow you). Or email a picture to